The Well Tuned Bin Flipping Experience

Bob Burnett: A kind c60 reader has graciously made a copy of LaMonte Young's The Well Tuned Piano available to me for which I am ever thankful.

I realized while I was flipping through tons of stacks of CDs this past week in the Bay Area that even after 30 years the music store environment is still an exciting place for me to be in and how appreciative I am for all the retailers who keep making the "browse the bins" experience happen. I don't think I'll ever be completely satisfied with the download or online experience. Don't get me wrong--it sure is nice to have as an option---but nothing matches the buzz of walking in a well-stocked shop with a staff who know their stuff. I've been to a bunch of music places over the years and try to mention favorite haunts (such as NYC's Downtown Music Gallery and Other Music, Amoeba Music in the Bay Area and LA, Melody and Olsson's in DC) when it seems right.

So, as a c60 "public service" please mention your favorite shops or new discoveries as you go from place to place so we can all go to them too when we travel.

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