“Nocturnes and Chorales - Chorale 2” composed by Linda Catlin Smith and performed by Eve Egoyan

Last fall I started shooting footage for a to-be-determined short film about a house in Truro, Mass on Cape Cod that was immortalized as a watercolor by Edward Hopper. I'm going to be returning in a few weeks for more shooting and hopefully some time in the near future will have the film completed.  I've been listening to Linda Catlin Smith's work recently--two excellent albums in particular: "Dirt Road" on the Another Timbre label and "Thought and Desire" which is available on Bandcamp. While revisiting the Cape Cod footage, I found a connection with the composition "Nocturnes and Chorales- Chorale 2" and decided to edit some of the footage with the music.  Here is the result. 

I like listening to music for the sake of listening rather than listening to try to define it via a review. My goal in re-kindling this blog is to mention music I've been listening to in hopes you find it worth pursuing.  I'll add in reviews that I find on the mark. So, that said, I've pasted in a review by Doina Popescu that I find does the album justice.There's other info on Eve Egoyan's Bandcamp page.  

“Composer Linda Catlin Smith and pianist Eve Egoyan, two of Canada’s most accomplished and remarkable contemporary music professionals, enjoy a rare symbiosis of musical sensitivity and depth. The three performances on this CD celebrate the poetry of sound, the musical essence of the piano and the experience of listening in fresh and moving ways. Eve and Linda have a long history of working together, and we can sense the vibrant conversation and trust that have been established between composer and pianist.
“It is easy to fall under the spell of Linda Catlin Smith’s sound world, the unusual elegance of her writing and her deep intuitive connection with the piano. Her music works exceptionally well on disc where we can share the nuances magnified as Eve Egoyan hears them from the piano’s keyboard. Egoyan’s performance, which shares the multi-dimensional ranges and resonances of the music in exhilarating ways, seems to magically travel through the under-layers of our skin, gently leaving its imprint on our souls.”
– Doina Popescu