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Bob Burnett: A quick nod to our friends Brendan Canty and Christoph Green over at Trixie DVD. The music/music documentary production duo recently updated their webpage to include hi-quality video clips from some of the music DVD releases they have produced in the recent past. In addition to being able to screen a great clip from an upcoming October release of a spirited live gig with Bob Mould (featuring Brendan's driving drums) there is the trailer from the DVD they did with Wilco for the Sky Blue Sky album (reviewed here a few months back), a clip from Jeff Tweedy's solo tour, Sunken Treasure, a Decemberists clip from a concert that is currently unreleased and the big prize of all--the full 12 minute performance of Wilco percussionist Glen Kotche's solo composition "Monkey Chant"--which isn't available anyplace else. I raved about Glen's solo album Mobile (where "Monkey Chant" was initially released) back in January on c60. The video clip gives you a great look at the ingenuity,skill and creativity of Kotche. The Trixie team had great angles for shot selection--they are able to reveal the hardware store-like menagerie of cricket sounds, springs, mounts, etc. sound enhancers used in the score. c60 cohort Kim and I saw him perform this composition in DC at the Black Cat back in the springtime and were both smitten. As I've said before, Glen Kotche is in a league by himself--and this video shows why.

Take some time and check the clips out--and by all means visit their store! They have some terrific work on DVD available.

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