Tetuzi Akiyama + Toshimaru Nakamura:"Semi Impressionism"

Bob Burnett: I've been spending a fair amount of time with the electro-acoustic improvisation "Semi Impressionism" and find it to be a remarkable work of open, visceral and spontaneous sound creation. The structure for the collaboration features Tetuzi Akiyama playing acoustic guitar and Toshimaru Nakamura adding what's called "no input"mixing board sonics. The "no input" technique makes for a series of what I can only describe as sharp amp cord-pulling pops, electric line impedence and hums, feedback---sparking, angular and effective sound collage. Akiyama's guitar remains fairly simple and warm throughout the album. His technique allows for deep resonance within the body of the guitar. I greatly appreciate his simple notes and open space approach. As with the "no input" partnership at hand, the tactile quality of his technique makes the instrument work exceptionally well for me. I've always been attracted to improvisation that opens the scope of the listening experience to the hands-on quality of sound. "Semi Impression" works for me because of its limitless and open approach to the very human quality of allowing the craft of creation to be part of the overall presentation. As mentioned, the guitar sounds and feels like it is being touched, manipulated, approached as an object. The "no input" sonics simply captivate me; they sound alive--they bring aural definition to the structure of electricity and the many colors it offers as a sound canvas. "Semi Impression" spans over three long improvisations ranging from between 15 and 24 minutes. While the overall album is similar in approach, each improvisation stands on its own as a unique offering. By the time you get to the third piece's strong, squall-like moments you'll realize you've worked up to earning the right to experience such an exceptional effort. Highly recommended.

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