c60crew music: Before Destruction+

Bob Burnett: This edition of the c60crew music mix has a few samples from recent reviews and listens: Spoon, for instance, from their very impressive album Transference. There's also new music from Pikelet, who (according to Chapter Music) is Evelyn Morris, a 24 year old musical wunderkind from the outer suburbs of Melbourne who began life as a hardcore-obsessed drummer, and still currently serves on sticks in such heavy-hitting Melbourne institutions as Baseball and True Radical Miracle. But a couple of years ago, something tickled Evelyn’s brain in a funny way and she felt compelled to grab an old accordion, a guitar and a delay pedal, and launch a decidedly un-hardcore solo career. I've just spent a few quick moments with the Pikelet album but am finding it to be an interesting listen. There's new music from Tindersticks and Thrill Jockey's Pit Er Pat too--as well as sonicscapes from old c60crew stand-bys (well, old c60crew on my side of the c60 juniper tree) like Bill Laswell, Machinefabriek--joined this time by Steven Vitiello. Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuyderveldt from Arnhem, The Netherlands) makes electronic (non-laptop) music ranging from drones to melodica songs and from classical ambient to harsh feedback noise. Rutger was highlighted as one of the most interesting new experimental musicians by the Wire magazine.

Dean & Britta (former members of Luna, a c60crew lifetime achievement award winner) and Fennesz also make appearances. Thanks for listening and enjoy!

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