The Mysteries of Sustain and Electricity:Kim Kirkpatrick: Through the years I routinely ponder band dynamics. The quality of their music over the long haul and how they manage to stay together for years. My own brief struggles in a band produced an appreciation for bands that remain creative for years. I honestly cannot fathom how bands manage to hold it together, maintain a positive group dynamic, and create excellent music with such longevity. Now many an important band in my life has carried on too long, gotten so bad and such a parody of themselves that their previous output becomes ruined for me (yeah I know this is a personal problem). But being in a band is a marriage (with extra spouses) and how can anyone be expected to recognize their failure while in the decay itself, much less halt the tumbling disaster?

This submission started true to C60 form, positive thoughts about bands to be shared. I am often pleased to consider the scope and size of discographies by such bands as The Bats or The Clean. Such bands of commitment and growth remain musically relevant in my life and are very important to me. All their years together can be heard in the familiarity and comfort level of playing together, as well as the band's overall refinement and progress. These are experienced musicians with time well spent together, traveling companions in a multitude of ways, and they share it all with us.
A few examples:
The American Analog Set
The Go-Betweens
Yo La Tengo

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