Postcard Records Of Scotland:

Kim Kirkpatrick: Why post the above image you might ask?

Reason #1: Bob's most recent post about So Percussion brought the above label to mind. I ever so briefly weighed posting this pic as an affront to Bob (and So Percussion for that matter) vs. just how cute (and relevant) this surprised looking, upright percussionist kitty looked.

Reason #2: The Go-Between's first single "I Need Two Heads" has been on frequent replay in my brain for weeks (we shall completely skip any personal analysis of this). Now mind you I have not actually listen to this song for years! The song surprisingly entered my life via Postcard Records as a 7" single mailed to me for radio play. Receiving packages of The Go-Betweens, Josef K, and Orange Juice singles (all released in 1980) was such a pleasurable, tactile surprise for me, and as a bonus they were from a label in Scotland, my family's origin! Most importantly it was an awakening to a new direction in music and I was fortunate enough to first air them in America just as quickly as any English radio station could. What fun and what importance that sharing carried for me personally.

Excellent appreciation and history of Postcard Records here: http://www.twee.net/labels/postcard.html

Bob Burnett:
Ah, a hearkening to a time when we'd both wait for that moment of surprise and anticipation; when our mailboxes would be stuffed with a new shipment from someplace other than where we were at that moment. Rough Trade from London, Ralph from San Francisco, a package from Green World in California or New Music Distribution Service in lower Manhattan. Tactile, vital and new. Sometimes the stamps on the shipment would be more interesting than the music inside. Now, it's a file or a webpage but the moment still exists when a thing or two from Downtown Music Gallery arrives. It all still seems real and fulfilling; the discovery, the search and the insatiable wandering.

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