The iPOD shuffle feature isn't so random......

Okay little DJ guy, come out! I know you are hiding in there somewhere!

Bob Burnett: This morning gave me pause to wonder if the shuffle feature on my iPOD really is random. Check out these segues:

"That's How I Feel"
Sun Ra

Joanna Newsom

"Lauren's Blues"
Cul De Sac

Now, not for a minute would I think these three songs would work together--nor would I have specifically gone to any one of these selections and said "yep--that's what I wanna hear!"...but...they came together seamlessly and made me look around the Metro subway during my commute and almost say out loud "is anyone else hearing this?". Anyway--all three of these albums are interesting in their own way. Hearing them together this morning gave me a fresh perspective and took them to a new place for me.

Does this ever happen to you?

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  1. I've recently been playing around on Pandora.com while at work. (I needed a change from the iPod) There's a "Quick Mix" feature that acts similar to the iPod shuffle feature. It's rad how sometimes Townes Van Zandt, The Nouvells and The Who can somehow come together and sync.