Bob Burnett: For you regular c60 readers you probably know us for offering cd/music selections. Well, I figured why not offer something related, engaging and in the spirit of c60?

is the web-based archive of radio interviewer Chris Comer. Since the late '80s Chris has been interviewing people on the radio from the wide spectrum of music--musicians such as Fred Frith, David Sylvian, Bootsy Collins, John Zorn, Bill Bruford and Derek Bailey to name just a smattering. His web page is a terrific collection and one well worth exploring. For example, I've read books by the late Derek Bailey and have heard him mumbling about people named George in his family on some of his releases, but I've never had the chance to hear him speaking off the cuff about his work, his collaborations and generally what made him tick.

I appreciate Chris' ability to "stay real" with his questions--he's doesn't pitch five dollar words around in hopes of prodding a musician into a big word jousting match. Chris is obviously "a fan" but his laid-back style comes across clearly as a way to expose musicians he appreciates to a broader audience.

I recently met Chris in person over lunch in DC and we had a fun time talking about all kinds of music and gigs we've seen over the years. I think you'll enjoy his archives and getting a chance to meet him via his program and the wide range of talented people he has interviewed.

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