Cortez In The Classroom

Kim Kirkpatrick: An afternoon conversation at home with my daughter:

7th grade daughter, "Dad you know that song you play about Cortez?"

Dad, " "Cortez The Killer", what about it?"

10th grade sister bolts from her room and says, "Cool song, Neil Young should get an award for writing so many songs that make you cry."

7th grade daughter, "My Social Studies teacher played it for the class today."

Dad, "Really, why did he do that?"

7th grade daughter, "We were studying Cortez and he played the song, gave us the lyrics, and ask us to write about it.

Dad, "Write about Cortez?"

7th grade daughter, " No, we could write about how Neil Young felt about the Aztecs or Cortez."

10th grade daughter, "Cool, he's a cool teacher I liked his class."

Dad, "Which did you pick to write about?'

7th grader, "How he felt about the Aztecs."

Dad, "Good choice."

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