A c60Crew music mix: Totally Opaque

Bob Burnett: I've been listening to many new things over the past month and honestly it's been a bit overwhelming to try and encapsulate everything into a series of reviews. Here's a quick briefing:

Mountains--the duo has a new release titled "Etchings" that is wonderful. It builds nicely on their body of work.

Mary Halvorson--I've been enjoying her trio playing as well as finding myself falling back into the Thirteenth Assembly release "(un)senimental".

Thank you Vladislav Delay for "The Four Quarters".

Wadada Leo Smith's "Spiritual Dimensions" heightens my belief in "out" music to new levels. There's so much here and I keep digging deeper.

"Totally Opaque" is a mix that doesn't even try to find "something for everyone". This is pure and simple where I am at the moment. Sound. Full, embodied sound in large waves, abstract fragments and shards, collages of nature, the elements. I hope you find something within the hour that touches you too.

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