Record Store Day

Bob Burnett: Yesterday (April 19) was Record Store Day, and I celebrated at Jackpot Records in Portland, Oregon. Jackpot Records is just the type of small, indy, downtown shop I love to discover while traveling. I pored through the nice selection and enjoyed the in-store music being played--some sort of electronica mix disc by a friend of the shop type thing.......in fact, while it was playing I recognized strands of an '80s Bill Nelson instrumental from The Love That Whirls, mentioned it to the guy working there and said I hadn't heard it in probably 20 years. How often does that happen at Wal-Mart? For those keeping score at home I also picked up the amazing Pylon compilation, Gyrate+, Matthew Herbert's Score and a DVD of the excellent Luna documentary Tell Me Do You Miss Me. I gigglingly eyed some of the 180 gram vinyl selections they have too----including Gary Numan & the Tubeway Army's Replicas. I did ponder over a vinyl copy on the collectable wall of an Anthony Braxton trio on Arista from the '70s I know to be hopelessly out of print......but......ah.......I'll be back in Portland in a few weeks. Maybe it'll still be there.

I hope you had a bountiful Record Store Day too.

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