The Trentemoller Chronicles

Bob Burnett: When we first started c60 Kim wrote about Danish composer/producer Anders Trentemoller's first album The Last Resort. It's an album I've grown to want to play practically all the time and find myself recommending it to people on a regular basis. Now, I have a second Trentemoller set to suggest---The Trentemoller Chronicles. Yes, there's some overlap with The Last Resort but only in the form of re-mixes such as "Moan" which takes on a whole new life with stunning vocals by Ane Trolle on Chronicles--check out this clip of a live gig for an idea how "Moan" has evolved over time since appearing on The Last Resort. Chronicles works more like a compilation or a pulse-taking at the wide range of work Trentmoller is involved in--recording, producing, remixing and performing.

Chronicles also includes a second disk that features Trentmoller specifically as a re-mixer. Moby is included among the featured remixes. I'm just starting to delve into that disk because I just haven't been able to get past the first disk--I'm in serious repeat listen mode. The music segues beautifully from cut to cut. There's a layer-upon-layer complexity to all the compositions but throughout remains incredibly clear and listenable. I keep thinking how perfect it would be if he were to do a Bourne movie soundtrack. There's also an interesting Trentmoller re-mix on emusic called Chapter One by Djosos Krost. The cut brings together Thomas Brinkmann-inspired beat collage with dub vocals. Trentemoller keeps the whole thing together with his thoughtful mix. By all means scoop up all the Trentemoller you can find--and look into his myspace page for more cuts and info.

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