Miles Davis: The Complete On the Corner Sessions

Bob Burnett: I just received a heads up (thanks Marc) that the next (and supposedly final installment) in the series of Legacy Miles Davis box sets is being released on September, 25.

1972's On the Corner was the release that made many "jazz" fans run the other way. It seems many listeners could tolerate Bitches Brew at arms length as some sort of momentary phase, but On the Corner was too much to handle. I personally love this album and this period of Miles Davis and I am very curious to hear the box set. This was the point when Miles brought together European soundscape concepts with American funk into a Sly and the Family Stockhausen approach. He let the ensemble's sound be the driving and inspired focus--choosing to bury his trumpet in the mix as a layered sound-treated object instead of a "jazz" solo instrument. This album is a hypnotic groove more so than a series of songs---I can't imagine what trip hop would have become without it. This collection is presented as a 6-CD 120 page book effort. It covers material that was eventually found over three Davis albums--On the Corner, Big Fun and Get Up With It.

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