Summer Selects O-Rama

Bob Burnett: Thanks for checking back after our radio silence. I think I'll ramp back up into c60-ness with a general overview of some music I've been listening to this summer.

By far the most played disc by me has been Fotheringay--another Island "pink label" classic from Sandy Denny et al. "The Sea" may be one of my all time favorite songs. And how about their version of Dylan's "Too Much of Nothing" ? I think the techincal reviewer description is "Woo--wie!!!". I was probably on a 20 year hiatus with this album and coming back to it has been a joy.

The Nels Cline Singers have a new album out called Draw Breath. A few listens tells me it builds on the fine tradition of "audio canvas creating" this group (Nels Cline--guitars, Devin Hoff--contrabass, Scott Amendola--drums/percussion/"live" electronics) started several releases ago.

I've also been enjoying a Syd Barrett compilation that takes selections from his "Barrett" and "Madcap Laughs" albums.

Just today I played Frank Wright's beautiful composition "Aurora Borealis" from his Uhuru Na Umoja album. I heard this Coltranesque composition on the radio (imagine that--discovering music on the radio.......) in Cincinnati, Ohio earlier in the year and have enjoyed it ever since.

I'm also begining to re-visit Olivia Tremor Control's stack of re-releases, more Andrew Hill, Jim O'Rourke, MORE Juana Molina and a few avant soundscapes.

I hope you all have been having a wonderful listening summer too.


  1. As always, a plethora of interesting choices. Your comment about catching a new tune on radio strikes very familiar; when I drive close to a college that I know has a talented crew of dj's, I always try to tune in to hear what they're sending out into the ether.
    Some items I've stumbled across this summer include Richard Crandell's Mbira Magic w/ the ever-delightful percussive talents of Cyro Baptista on (unfortunately only) several tracks, the Reinhardt-esque stylings of the young Krunomir Spisic, the vitality, fun, & noise of Bad Plus' new release Prog, and Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova's release from last year, The Swell Season. The latter was prompted by catching Once a couple of months ago. Yeah, yeah, it may be a little sappy, but there are quite a few magical moments that one rarely gets a chance to see these days at the movies. Plus, seeing Glen Hansard again prompted me to netflix The Commitments, a fabulous movie I hadn't seen in ages.

    The only thing left for the summer is the (finally!!) release in August of Galactic's first new recording in 4 years, 'From the Corner to the Block' .

    Welcome back! I'm looking forward to many more of your reviews in the ocming weeks. Catching up are you, right?

  2. Thanks very much for taking the time to link your suggestions. I am going through them and (hopefully) can tap into some of them with emusic.