Do you UBU?

Bob Burnett: Here's a small summertime nod to a fascinating web page. The webpage www.ubu.com has been around since 1996 as a "repository for visual, concrete and sound poetry" however given faster internet connection speeds and better quality compression tools, they've expanded to have an incredible selection of "all forms of avant garde and beyond". If you scan around you'll find all kinds of gems---from mp3's to films to other archives. Case in point: I just recently purchased a DVD compilation of Joseph Cornell's films for about $30. Guess what? They are now on Ubu Web----I'm glad I own them on DVD but if you are like me you probably saw something in a college film studies class 30 years ago by Stan Brakhage or Maya Deren, or heard something in contemporary literature by Samuel Beckett only to have it drift far, far away because there wasn't a way to re-visit it beyond the confines of a college campus. No more---Ubu Web is there for you to re-visit, re-kindle and discover. I'd love to sit here and tell you more but I feel the need to go back to Ubu Web and watch Robert Frank's Pull My Daisy.

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